In 1873, a martial arts master by the name of Kanryo Higashionna in Japanese or Higaonna Kanryo in Okinawan (1853 - 1916) traveled to Fuzhou in the Fujian Province of China. There he studied under various teachers from China, including a man by the name of Ryu Ryu Ko (also sometimes called Liu Liu Ko or Ru Ko). Ryu Ryu Ko was a great master of the art of Whooping Crane Kung Fu. Eventually, Higashionna returned to Okinawa in 1882.

When he came back he began teaching a new martial arts style, one that comprised both his knowledge of the Okinawan styles with the martial arts he learned in China. What he came out with was Okinawan karate. Higashionna’s best student was Chojun Miyagi (1888 - 1953). Miyagi began studying under Hiagashionna at the tender age of 14. When Higashionna died, many of his students continued to train with Miyagi. Miyagi also traveled to China to study martial arts, just as his predecessor did, bringing his knowledge back to Japan where he began to refine the martial arts he and his students practiced. In 1930, at the All Japan Martial Arts Demonstration in Tokyo, a demonstrator asked Miyagi’s number one student, Jin’an Shinzato, what school or kind of martial arts he practised.

When Shinzato returned home and told Miyagi of this, Miyagi decided to call his style Goju-ryu. There are many branches of Goju Ryu Schools nowadays, and many favour the ancient traditions and cultural richness of the style. Though many others have gone into their own vision of things, only two schools of thought still remain when looking at Traditional Goju Ryu...Japanese and Okinawan.

We teach an ancient form of Goju Ryu, to no detriment of the style at all, but incorporating many skills unknown to many other practitioners. As you can only prove your skills in the battle field, our style emphasises close range combat and self-defence situations, and try to avoid the fancy and useless techniques of a century ago. You, as a seeker of the best form of self defence, should try different styles before settling for the one you fancy the most. Apart from using some of your time practising this or that, you have nothing else to lose and much to gain when finally make a decision.

What we teach is Goju Ryu Karate